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Why Choose Us

A simple to use Platform Empowering Your ESG Decision Making


Instantly transform your research into actionable ESG insights by leveraging our Core Suite of Analytics,  Client Engagement Portal and Composite ESG Scoring tools in one central, easy to use platform using three main modules.


Key Features

Core Suite of Analytics


Make better decisions using YvesBlue's Core Suite of Analytics.  Our comprehensive platform includes advanced tools for research, portfolio construction, analysis at portfolio, fund and holding levels, risk management, peer analytics, and portfolio comparisons, all leveraging 25+ datasets and multiple lenses.

Key Features

Engagement Module


Comprehensive information is required to effectively engage with companies and assess a company’s ESG activities and stance. Perform better due diligence and uncover emerging and material ESG issues for more effective engagement.

Key Features

Composite ESG Scoring

Control your own definition of ESG from an organization or portfolio level. Create a customized view of ESG and impact scores based on what is important to you and your clients.
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YvesBlue's Vision is to empower investing in a sustainable future by Providing Transparency and insights through data and analytics.