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Why Choose Us

Build your own custom ESG weighting according to what is most important to your strategy


Easily and quickly re-score and re-weight the universe of securities and funds based on your values and utilize your own methodological approach to impact across one portfolio, multiple, or even the entire YB impact universe of over 50,000 global companies and 100,000 global mutual funds and ETFs.


Key Features

Flexible scoring at portfolio and company levels

  • YvesBlue provides flexible ESG scoring prioritizing your organization or portfolio's ESG goals
  • Build a proprietary scoring methodology and align directly with your own ESG investment strategy.
ESG Pillar and total scores against a selected benchmark
Custom ESG Scoring Scale
Key Features

Custom ESG Pillar Weighting

  • Set your own default weights across E, S and G pillars
  • Tailor ESG scores and include in your specific forecast model
Key Features

Sector and ESG Sub-Metric Weighting

  • Go deeper to customize weighting across specific sectors and across sub-metrics within E, S and G pillars

  • Easily make adjustments to the weightings and quickly perform research within the updated impact universe

Submetrics for environmental, social and governance pillars

Your strategy, your view

Impact investing by your definition.  Weight and score the securities according to your values and investor goals.