YvesBlue Business Wire ChatGPT integration press release
Generative AI and sustainability integration for YvesBlue marks immense innovation

"AUSTIN, Texas-YvesBlue, a leading provider and pioneer of ESG as a Service Platform, is proud to announce the integration of ESG/Sustainability and Generative Artificial Intelligence. 

This marks a significant milestone in the industry continuing to set YvesBlue apart as a pioneer in providing innovative solutions for financial institutions. Delivering a comprehensive view of ESG/Sustainability across multiple investment workflows and leveraging Generative AI further demonstrates YvesBlue’s focus on transforming data into insight/knowledge."

- BusinessWIre

Societe Generale YvesBlue Announcement
Soc gen Press release for YB and GMI


YvesBlue selected from 140 applicants to partner with SocGen for Positive Impact Finance Global Market Incubator

"The search for positive social and environmental impacts is at the heart of the decisions of a growing number of investors or lenders, who aim to accelerate the transition of companies.
Leveraging its own deep sectorial expertise, Societe Generale has strong expectation from these collaborations to allow rapid progress in the areas of risk management, analytics, insights generation and distribution, across all asset classes in listed and private markets."

"Eleven new sustainability-focused start-ups joined Societe Generale’s flagship Global Markets Incubator (GMI) dedicated to developing ground-breaking solutions for the financial industry. From a selection pool of over 140 applicants, these start-ups are addressing some of the finance industry’s biggest ESG concerns, including carbon emissions quantification, impact tracking and measurement, Voluntary Carbon Markets (VCM) and Biodiversity. "

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Gitterman Asset Management

& YvesBlue

YvesBlue as a Carbon Analytic Solution in Newsletter "ESG: Data vs. Screening for Values"

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YvesBlue Lands Coveted Spot on

ESG Fintech's 100 List for 2022

YvesBlue joins the ranks of other leaders for the 2022 list of the industry's top 100 fintech products for the financial market.

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YvesBlue's CEO Hosted on The Alternative Data Podcast

Hosted by Mark Fleming-Williams

Season 1, Ep. 89

Mark speaks with  the founder of ESG Analytics, Qayyum Rajan, and YvesBlue CEO and Founder, Anna-Marie Wascher, about the origins of YB and the state of the impact market.

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Illuminate Speaks to Why They Invested In YvesBlue

"The YvesBlue solution solves on the biggest problems in mainstream ESG analysis. If there are multiple data sources, there will be a need for tools to analyze them..."

- Illuminate Financial

We believe there is a growing gap in the market for a provider to pull together the disparate and growing number of ESG & Impact data sources (both internal and external) to present a detailed and consolidated view of the Impact characteristics of the companies in a portfolio...this is where YvesBlue comes in"

Katherine Wilson Illuminate Financial

Barclay's Calls YvesBlue an "ESG Enabler"

May 2021

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Axios Covers YvesBlue Fundraise

"ESG-as-a-service startup YvesBlue nets $5M"

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Turim MFO Calls YB Their "Secret Sauce"

"Who does this for Turim is YvesBlue, which specializes in mapping and consolidating information such as carbon footprint and alignment with the UN Sustainable Development Goals for the entire portfolio of public assets."

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YvesBlue CEO Comments on Why She Selected Illuminate
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illuminate financial logoo
PR News Wire Covers YvesBlue Fundraise

"The combination of YvesBlue's flexible solution and layered ESG models will allow clients to custom build reports and manage their ESG assessments within a singular SaaS solution.


This system is driven by cutting edge data and analytic models that it transforms into visually appealing and intuitive reports useful to client and investors alike."

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Tracxn YvesBlue Page

"Data aggregation and reporting platform for the stock market. It offers PDF reports for securities and portfolios based on data analysis, new analysis, carbon budget monitoring, sector-specific metrics, and more.


It covers multiple assets such as sovereign bonds, global equities, and public funds. It is available on a subscription basis."

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Pitchbook on YvesBlue

"Developer of data analytics and reporting platform designed to provide ESG analysis and portfolio management.


The company's platform offers sector-specific metrics, streamlined onboarding, consolidated dashboard, tailored reporting, carbon budget insights, and news-based analysis, providing investment companies and institutions with a clear picture of their portfolio health and associated risks."

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JobSage Coverage on YvesBlue