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Why Choose Us

Enhance communication through clear engagement objectives  


Comprehensive information is required to effectively engage with companies and assess their ESG activities and metrics.  Uncover and track emerging and material ESG topics for better and more meaningful discussions.


Key Features

Monitor and Automate Engagement

  • Categorize by bespoke Environmental, Social and Governance initiatives
  • Efficiently track metrics, targets and progress in a centralized template
  • Bring efficiency and scalability across the team through a centralized engagement hub
  • Monitor and automate engagement
Internal audit of team activity and updates
SASB Materiality edits and trend analysis
Key Features

Align with multiple frameworks and comply with regulations

  • SASB Materiality
  • PAI / SFDR
  • EU Taxonomy
  • UN Sustainability Goals
Key Features

Manage Opportunities

  • Manage and track opportunities and discussions in a centralized database

  • Streamline capturing relevant initiatives of ESG pillars, SASB, across all stakeholders in your organization

  • Access manage and update in one database

  • Drive more impact decisions with data-driven insights

Customizable ESG and impact metrics

Empower your ESG Journey

Uncover value and strengthen ESG engagement by centralizing feedback, knowledge and goals.  Our company engagement portal helps to standardize discussions to better manage, evaluate and take action on potential opportunities.

YvesBlue clients find the engagement tool helps bring efficiency to their due diligence process and facilitates more meaningful conversations with holding companies and managers.