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YvesBlue is the only solution that delivers an end-to-end, ESG Software as a Service platform (ESGSaaS).


The YB Platform significantly lowers costs, delivers integration of ESG/Impact investing in Seconds, and systematically provides the required knowledge and expertise to transform data into meaningful and actionable insight.


Our goal is to accelerate the adoption of ESG investing across the financial investment community helping to meet the rapidly growing demand in the market.



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YvesBlue Aggregates 24+ Datasets

Leveraging the deep impact expertise the team holds, YB has selected the market's best datasources, aggregating them and using them to power impact analytics that transcend a rudimentary view and serve actionable insight.

Services We Deliver

Key Features

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Portfolio Analysis & Reporting
Create transparent, cost-effective exposure to unique ESG factors.  Comprehensive portfolio analysis and reporting requires significant investment in data, in house expertise and budget to accurately understand ESG exposures and opportunities.
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Portfolio Construction
Construct composite ESG scores with multi-stakeholder views to decide risks and opportunities when building portfolios.  The focus on using ESG in constructing portfolios is increasingly required to win capital inflows in a highly competitive market.
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Risk Management

Identify ESG Risk factors both positive and negative to ensure un-priced risk has been factored into investment decisions. 

A new standard has evolved in understanding risks associated with governance, social and environmental factors.

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Company Engagement
Uncover emerging and material ESG issues for better more efficient discussions.  Comprehensive information is required to effectively engage with companies and assess a company’s ESG activities and stance.
Company Data Tracking
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Workflows Supported

YB Supports Clients at all stages of their ESG integration Process


Portfolio, Holding & Funds Analytics
Regulatory Compliance
Multi-layer Reporting
Customized ESG Scoring
Deep Impact Research
Corporate Engagement